Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Love

I forgot to tell you what my loves gave me for Mother's Day this past Sunday. I got handmade cards from each child.

 Samuel's was on half a piece of paper and he wrote Yo Mama on the outside. Thankfully, the inside was sweet and loving. It had been a rough week, the words brought tears to my eyes. 

Daniel used a template online and printed a card for me. It was sweet, and mentioned that if I wasn't his mother, he would roundhouse kick, and punch someone in the throat to get to me. The boy loves me!

David also used a template to print a card, and wrote that I was always behind him, you know, had his back on things he wanted to do. He then listed the things I wasn't behind him on, having a pocket watch, playing the clarinet, and letting him shave his hair off. The sweetness was more subdued but the love was still there.

Anna was more crafty and colorful with hers. That girl knows how to make me smile and feel loved.

Samuel gave me a Sonic card which is great because I stop there and get a 99 cent Coke a couple times a week on my way to work. This will last a while!

The others pooled their money and gave me a fern. It was what I wanted and I love it. They don't know it, but Stephen's gift from him and the children is a family portrait. They will not be excited about that gift AT. ALL.

It was an excellent day, full of love.

These boys left to spend time with the grandparents that afternoon,
They need to hurry and get back here, I miss 'em!