Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Child

 This child is 13. 

This child is my middle son.

This child makes excellent scores on his tests.

This child is trouble.

He is quiet and always acts as the victim and I always believe him. He doesn't get the blame for much, because he acts innocent.

He is not innocent. 

Last night I was commenting on a Facebook comment that our cousin Sarah put on a picture Abby had posted. It was a cute picture of Henry that reminded both Sarah and myself of Abby when she was young. 

Anyway I was typing 
"Especially the bottom one"

Except every time I typed the word "the" "hello Daniel" showed up instead. I couldn't figure out why it was happening! I finally decided it must have been something Daniel had done to my iPad. I went in to his room, turned the light on ( it was after bedtime) and asked Daniel if he needed to confess anything. He looked at me in complete confusion. I looked at David in the bottom bunk to see a big smile. He was doing all he could to not laugh!

This child had put a shortcut on my iPad so every time I wrote the word "the" it would type "hello Daniel". THE! 

Oh, this child! David is his name. He is a joy to be around, makes me laugh, warms my heart, and tries my patience! Oh, how I love him.


Anonymous said...

That's just the way we middle children are!"

Aunt Donna