Monday, May 5, 2014

Lunch with Loves

Henry and I had the pleasure of having lunch in Memphis today with our Aunt Babs and cousin Hollye. Ahh...My people. We got to hug our Uncle Joe and let Boots (the dog) lick us on the family famous sun porch. It was great. I had a dermatology appt in Memphis so we bopped to Babs' house afterwards. 
I'm transparent yet very guarded with most in my adult life so having a few hours on a random Monday with my Babs and Hollye Ann was balm for my crazy soul. They know me better than most and love me like crazy for it. Henry is pretty fond of them too. We really missed Claire though! Tonight as Henry was falling asleep he said "Mama, why is Hollye not you and my Juju's sister?" I said "well, she is a cousin and a sister." And indeed, she is.