Tuesday, May 13, 2014


In the great outdoors...It is a rainy cloudy day. I love it! It rained all night, it was glorious.

Within our walls...David and Daniel are visiting Stephen's parents for a few days so we just have two kids at home. The lack of noise and activity is weird,

A heart of thanksgiving...Thankful for my mom, and Mamaw. What beautiful examples they have been of motherhood. 

Random observations...I cleaned David and Daniel's room yesterday. I went through their school books, and was amazed to see how they take notes, do work, and keep all of their work together. They do it differently, but they do it well.

My silly children...Anna is obsessed, yes obsessed, with somersaults. She either does them or talks about doing them all the time,

Thoughts from the kitchen...Last night we had nachos, it was just Stephen, Anna, and I so it was an easy dinner. I bought generic taco seasoning for the meat and it was AWFUL! I won't do that again.

What I'm reading...Still reading the Insanity of a God by Nik Ripken. It's so very good.

Projects...I finished a project last week, and have no projects in my mind. I need to think of something.

Sounds of the moment...The washer and dryer are going, the tv is on, and Samuel and Anna are laughing.

What I'm wearing...Blue jeans, striped t shirt, white socks, tennis shoes

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday night we went to Little Rock on the spur of the moment. We ate at a new restaurant and just had a good time. Happy Mother's Day to me.

On the Calendar...Samuel's ball team has made it to he state finals. We play Thursday morning, and if we win we play Friday morning. We're excited!