Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting Carded

This boot wearing cutie got his very own library card today. He was so excited. I told him this morning that we would go this afternoon when I picked him up if she was a big boy today at school. He proved to be a big boy according to his teacher, so we jetted one block over from his school to our local library.

He watches Bubble Guppies alot and one of his favorite episodes is the one about the library. He kept asking me, "Where's the author?" the whole time we were at the library today. He never comprehended, but it is not for my lack of trying! ha.

Henry showing off his card. He was so proud of it. He loved playing in the children's area of our library. He rode on the toy firetruck, played several little games and wanted every book in the place. We checked out 8 books and 2 DVDs. We have read all 8 tonight and watched both DVDs. I think we will be going back again pretty soon! I love making simple little memories with my sweet boy and having the time during the day to enjoy these moments.  What a little blessing.

I have such fond memories of the library growing up. It was in downtown Fort Smith. I remember going there with Julie alot and then going as a teenager with friends to write papers and such. The stairs were insane in that place and echoed so badly. I got in trouble ALOT for being loud, imagine that! I also always had a fine and even lost a book for a few years. Not a very good friend of the library, as you can see.

 I hope Henry has better library etiquette than me. But after witnessing him on that firetruck in there today, I have my doubts. He kept yelling, "Mama, you staying here with me, Mama?!" as I would get out of his eye shot while looking for books. Oh, that sweet child of mine is a needy little mess!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chickens, Goats and a Haircut

Last week we went on a field trip to a chicken farm. We have Tyson chicken farms all over southeast Arkansas but we had never been to one. One of our new homeschooling family's owns the farm and it was so fun to visit. 
They have four chicken houses and about 95,000 chickens! I never knew there were so many chicken in those buildings. 
They also had a few goats. You know, we really aren't country farm kind of people so if there is any opportunity to be with goats and chickens my children want to be a part of it! I only have a picture of Anna, because David and Daniel and the rest of the boys were chasing the other goats. Poor goats.

This picture has nothing to do with field trips, farms, chickens or goats. I went to Bible Study fellowship Tuesday night and sat behind this woman. I don't know her but I LOVE her hair. The cut and the color. I took this picture and sent it to Suzi, my friend who does an awesome job with my difficult hair, she loved it too. I'm hoping to look like this soon!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Beach Bums

We finally made it to the beach the week before Labor Day. With a wacky planting season and starting my real estate business, this year has been one for the books. We all needed the getaway.

This little cool cat was ready to get to the water. We always stay at the Caribe in Orange Beach and we unload onto these utility carts. Henry always gets loaded onto one of them like the precious cargo that he is! We have our little routine on how we do it and this time we packed in plastic tubs because of the simplicity of it and traveling in the truck we always fear rain.

We arrived before sunset and ran out to the beach to watch it set. It is what we usually do upon arrival each time. We are pretty routine driven in our house. We don't "shake it up" too much. If it works, we keep repeating.

Henry had been asking to take his shovel to the beach all summer so he could dig for treasure. Finally he got to dig. He was so excited. He had his daddy dig a hole to stand in and that was just great fun, of course. Daddy is the treasure!

shells were a hit this time. He is at an age now where that is exciting. I actually found some in my kitchen last night. They came home with us, tucked away inside everything we brought back. It just makes me laugh and remember the fun week we had together with little interuption on crop and housing updates. Priceless moments.

Oh, the Caribe. The pools there are to die for. Henry loves to jump from the ledges over and over and over. He weighs quite a bit and we both go our arm workouts in while away. Catching him ain't easy!

We found Daddy's flop! Randall's "flop" (as a friendly yankee called it at the Caribe) was lost for a day. We searched everywhere. He had one and was missing the other. We decided since we were in Alabama and they were houndstooth someone stole it. Wrong! Henry and Randall discovered it in the last lost and found bin to search before giving up. It evoked great laughter and celebration.

Making happy memories with my boys brings me great pleasure. I am one blessed girl. Things do not always come easy, they are not a cake walk and we are not perfect, yet we know to cherish each other and the gift of family God has given us. We do not deserve any of  it. We just wake up each day and hope He sees fit to continue to love and bless us.

We decided to visit the USS Alabama while we were on the coast. It was quite impressive. I am always in awe at things like this. We have so much to be thankful for in this country and it saddens me to think of how "undone" things are right now. God help us.
We saw the Blue Angels fly over us three days in a row while at the pools. American pride right there. All the people looking up in a flash with beaming smiles. Gave me goose bumps each time.

 Playing in the bubbles at the Hangout. Our sweet friend Michelle always snaps photos of us at the beach. She took 3 year pics of Henry for me since he is almost 4 and I have yet to have them done. Who knew I would get behind on photos of this child?! ha. Well, laugh Julie and Hollye, because I am regular ole folk afterall!

The added incentive of going to the beach - Nana! She rode most of the way with us to stay with a childhood  friend for the week. She was such a joy to have in the backseat. We picked her back up on the way home and did it again. Henry will now excpect her in the backseat for all long trips. Good thing she is retired now!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not the Fashion Guru

For many years I relied on Abby to let me know what I should wear. Her style has always been better than mine. And when I say many years, I'm pretty sure when I was 16 I was asking her for advice. And she's 8 years younger than me, you can do the math on her age!

For years we have exchanged clothes. Really, she gave me her clothes that she no longer wanted, and I offered her clothes and she would usually very nicely say, "no thanks. "

 I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I've become slightly obsessed with a few fashion blogs. Now, you know why. I need help! The scary thing for me at times is I hope I've chosen the right blogs to follow. 

My favorite right now is She's a petite, skinny little thing, (that's why I'm a bit scared.) She shops at a store we don't even have here in Arkansas, but I try my best to replicate the items I like best.

For this fall I got an army green jacket/big shirt, I hope to wear it like I would a denim jacket. I got some Toms booties. I normally hate booties, but I think I'm going to love these. I've become a big fan of the wedge and these are wedges.i hope to wear them everyday. I hope to wear them tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it will be to hot!

I got a new pair of jeans too. From Walmart, don't judge! They make me look a little slimmer, they're Levi's and they weren't $100. Three great reasons to buy jeans at Walmart.

My question is, do you follow any fashion blogs? What are they? (Daddy, I don't even want to know your answer!!) 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Cray Cray"

I am not sure if you are familiar with the term "cray cray" but it is slang for "crazy" and that seems to be me lately. Flat out cray cray!

I can't complain or frown about it, because I am loving it. Yet, this week I have been craving some calm. Going home at odd times during the day helps with that. Yesterday I got Henry before nap was over at school and we went home and played in the floor until the phone started blowing up at 5:00 again. I am learning my windows...2-5 are good "me" times during the day. I think people are in their after lunch comas at work and not thinking about real estate.

I hate to see how unoften I find time to post on here. My professional schedule is totally different than any other I have ever had while having this blog. At night the last thing I want to do is get on the computer after searching properties online all day for clients ,and in the morning I am frantic trying to get people properties to see, etc. "Unplugging" has truly become a desire of mine since May and it seems impossible in this business.

 I have learned to turn my phone off at 8:00 at night and not pick it back up until 8:00 in the morning. This of course does not apply for those I love. I told one of my client's my new rule. He called me at 8:40 one night last week and I answered and he shouted "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! YOU DO LOVE ME!" It was so funny. It really is a fun job and is hard to unplug from it. These people see me as their "person" and I become their mother, parent, counselor, financial advisor, friend and comedian. The closing day almost seems like a separation.

I hope to post some highlights of things I have missed posting these past couple months. We have done some fun things as a family lately. I sure do feel blessed to be in this craziness.


Monday, September 16, 2013

School Day

I know some of you wonder how we do school so I thought I'd give you a little look inside our school day. 
6:20 Samuel's alarm goes off and he wakes up.
7:20 I wake up
7:45 I take Samuel to school for his geometry class.
8:00 I get home, start a load of laundry, kids make breakfast.
8:45 I go back to school to pick up Samuel
9:00 back home, D,D,&A are ready for school, Samuel fixes breakfast
         I out clothes in dryer, another load in washer
         David and Daniel do english. Anna does spelling words and then reading
 9:45 Samuel joins us and does his geometry homework
          David and Daniel do spelling words, and literature
          Anna does math

10:30 Samuel does literature
           David and Daniel do English, then health, history and science
           Anna does English, history, science
12:00 lunch!

The times are approximate, the subjects vary from day to day. Somedays I teach History, and Science, other days they read their books.
We do school in the living room. I sit to the right of Daniel in a recliner and Anna and Samuel sit to the right of me on the love seat. 

We enjoy doing school this way. We are comprehensive in our approach. We want our children to have a well rounded, thorough education. We believe they are receiving it. They test well on regular school tests and standardized tests. 

I love having them home. Yes, I long for a day of peace, quiet and solitude, but I wouldn't trade this time with them. No, I don't have much patience. Yes, I yell at my children. I'm not some super mom, I'm just normal, and we homeschool.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Year Later

One year ago we moved into our little house. It needed decoration but I just couldn't do it. Somehow the home decorating genes passed me right by and dumped themselves all over Abby. I have moments of genius, but my genius has been silent this last year.
But suddenly it reappeared! A friend of mine did the black and white drawings of our kids quite a few years ago. I gave her photos of them when each of them were two. She drew them and I love them! I've had them for years and have never hung them in our house. Crazy.

I found the Family hanging at Goodwill a while back and thought it would go perfectly with these pictures. And I was right! It looks really nice. When you walk in the front door you see my darling children. I love it. It feels like home. 

What do you have hanging on your walls?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's His Day

Today is Stephen's birthday. 42! He's finally a year younger than me. For one month it appears that he is two yrs younger than me, I don't like that one month at all! 
Aren't we cute?! The man drives me nuts sometimes, but I do love him so much. We've known each other for 30 years. That's unreal, isn't it. I remember him asking me to be his girlfriend while he sat on his bike in front of my house. I said no then, but I'm so glad I said yes all those years later.

Stephen loves candy so very much. A couple of years ago we made him a candy poster for Father's Day. So this year the kids and I picked out candy and wrote a birthday card using the names of the candy. We wrapped each box and handed him one when we referred to it in the card. He loved it and so did we! You should try it , if someone you love loves candy!
Happy Birthday Stephen! I love you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove

 This is what we've been doing lately. Nothing. 
Since school has started our calendar has stopped. We have stayed at home, inside, more than at anytime this year. I don't know why. 

It seems like everyone is running around but us. And I'm bored! When the kids say they're bored they usually have to do a chore, but all the chores have been done! At the beginning of the summer I made a list of activities to keep us busy, I guess I'm going to have to make one for the fall. 

Do you have any suggestions? My mind is empty, my piece of paper is blank, I need help!

Pinterest Fail

This is what we had for supper tonight. I found the recipe on Pinterest, as I do so many things I cook. But this time it wasn't graciously received by everyone. I had one refuse to eat it. Refuse! It was a first for him. 

The recipe was Thai noodles, made with peanut butter, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and other things. It wasn't bad but I deleted it from my Pinterest boards. I don't have a Pinterest fail board but if I did, this one would have been on it. I don't think I could eat it again!

Do you have any Pinterest fails?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day

Today was our first day of school. Samuel is a 10th grader, he is taking geometry at public school and playing baseball. He gets home from geometry just in time to start school with us and finish his day before he heads back to school for baseball.

David is a 7th grader. He enjoys reading and is an over-achiever. This should be a fun year.

Daniel is a 7th grader. He loves books, and is a bit excited about school starting, even though he didn't realize it was starting today!

Anna is a 4th grader. She was quite taken by her history and geography book today. I'm super excited, this is my favorite book to teach!

I love these kids and love that they learn at home, and do it well. Only two more first days left with Samuel. I can't believe it!