Monday, September 16, 2013

School Day

I know some of you wonder how we do school so I thought I'd give you a little look inside our school day. 
6:20 Samuel's alarm goes off and he wakes up.
7:20 I wake up
7:45 I take Samuel to school for his geometry class.
8:00 I get home, start a load of laundry, kids make breakfast.
8:45 I go back to school to pick up Samuel
9:00 back home, D,D,&A are ready for school, Samuel fixes breakfast
         I out clothes in dryer, another load in washer
         David and Daniel do english. Anna does spelling words and then reading
 9:45 Samuel joins us and does his geometry homework
          David and Daniel do spelling words, and literature
          Anna does math

10:30 Samuel does literature
           David and Daniel do English, then health, history and science
           Anna does English, history, science
12:00 lunch!

The times are approximate, the subjects vary from day to day. Somedays I teach History, and Science, other days they read their books.
We do school in the living room. I sit to the right of Daniel in a recliner and Anna and Samuel sit to the right of me on the love seat. 

We enjoy doing school this way. We are comprehensive in our approach. We want our children to have a well rounded, thorough education. We believe they are receiving it. They test well on regular school tests and standardized tests. 

I love having them home. Yes, I long for a day of peace, quiet and solitude, but I wouldn't trade this time with them. No, I don't have much patience. Yes, I yell at my children. I'm not some super mom, I'm just normal, and we homeschool.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you ARE a super mom and don't forget it! TBEO