Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting Carded

This boot wearing cutie got his very own library card today. He was so excited. I told him this morning that we would go this afternoon when I picked him up if she was a big boy today at school. He proved to be a big boy according to his teacher, so we jetted one block over from his school to our local library.

He watches Bubble Guppies alot and one of his favorite episodes is the one about the library. He kept asking me, "Where's the author?" the whole time we were at the library today. He never comprehended, but it is not for my lack of trying! ha.

Henry showing off his card. He was so proud of it. He loved playing in the children's area of our library. He rode on the toy firetruck, played several little games and wanted every book in the place. We checked out 8 books and 2 DVDs. We have read all 8 tonight and watched both DVDs. I think we will be going back again pretty soon! I love making simple little memories with my sweet boy and having the time during the day to enjoy these moments.  What a little blessing.

I have such fond memories of the library growing up. It was in downtown Fort Smith. I remember going there with Julie alot and then going as a teenager with friends to write papers and such. The stairs were insane in that place and echoed so badly. I got in trouble ALOT for being loud, imagine that! I also always had a fine and even lost a book for a few years. Not a very good friend of the library, as you can see.

 I hope Henry has better library etiquette than me. But after witnessing him on that firetruck in there today, I have my doubts. He kept yelling, "Mama, you staying here with me, Mama?!" as I would get out of his eye shot while looking for books. Oh, that sweet child of mine is a needy little mess!


Kelley said...

How sweet! I love the cowboy boots. I use to wear them when I was little with shorts too!