Monday, September 23, 2013

Chickens, Goats and a Haircut

Last week we went on a field trip to a chicken farm. We have Tyson chicken farms all over southeast Arkansas but we had never been to one. One of our new homeschooling family's owns the farm and it was so fun to visit. 
They have four chicken houses and about 95,000 chickens! I never knew there were so many chicken in those buildings. 
They also had a few goats. You know, we really aren't country farm kind of people so if there is any opportunity to be with goats and chickens my children want to be a part of it! I only have a picture of Anna, because David and Daniel and the rest of the boys were chasing the other goats. Poor goats.

This picture has nothing to do with field trips, farms, chickens or goats. I went to Bible Study fellowship Tuesday night and sat behind this woman. I don't know her but I LOVE her hair. The cut and the color. I took this picture and sent it to Suzi, my friend who does an awesome job with my difficult hair, she loved it too. I'm hoping to look like this soon!