Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not the Fashion Guru

For many years I relied on Abby to let me know what I should wear. Her style has always been better than mine. And when I say many years, I'm pretty sure when I was 16 I was asking her for advice. And she's 8 years younger than me, you can do the math on her age!

For years we have exchanged clothes. Really, she gave me her clothes that she no longer wanted, and I offered her clothes and she would usually very nicely say, "no thanks. "

 I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I've become slightly obsessed with a few fashion blogs. Now, you know why. I need help! The scary thing for me at times is I hope I've chosen the right blogs to follow. 

My favorite right now is She's a petite, skinny little thing, (that's why I'm a bit scared.) She shops at a store we don't even have here in Arkansas, but I try my best to replicate the items I like best.

For this fall I got an army green jacket/big shirt, I hope to wear it like I would a denim jacket. I got some Toms booties. I normally hate booties, but I think I'm going to love these. I've become a big fan of the wedge and these are wedges.i hope to wear them everyday. I hope to wear them tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it will be to hot!

I got a new pair of jeans too. From Walmart, don't judge! They make me look a little slimmer, they're Levi's and they weren't $100. Three great reasons to buy jeans at Walmart.

My question is, do you follow any fashion blogs? What are they? (Daddy, I don't even want to know your answer!!)