Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daybook Entry

For Today...February 19

In the great outdoors...cloudy and cool today. The last few days have been so nice a great break from all the cold weather.

Within our walls...I bought curtains! Well, I really bought tablecloths but I'm making them curtains. I can't wait to put them up.

A heart of thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for a loving husband and a home in a safe neighborhood that my kids love and have friends in. 

A heart of prayer...two sweet families have lost loved ones this week. A mother in one family and a child in the other. Praying for God to give them comfort.

Random observation...if I sit on the couch I like to be covered up. I always have a blanket or throw nearby.

My silly children...Anna spent last night with her BFF, and texted today to ask if she could spend another night! I miss her.

Thoughts from the kitchen...well, last weeks meals weren't any better than the week before. So this week we're going back to the staples and hoping for the best!

On my bookshelf...Who am I kidding? I haven't read anything this week either.

Sounds at the moment...everyone has gone to church, and I'm home alone with just the washing machine going. Quiet is good.

A favorite thing from last week...Valentines Day! Stephen and I love this day. We don't give gifts but we do go out to eat and spend time together. This year did was so nice, we talked and laughed. We needed it!

On the calendar...Duck Duck Goose is this week in Pine Bluff, I'll be working there a few days.