Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day Recap

We love Valentine's Day at this house. We don't go all out with decorations and gifts, but we do celebrate love on this day.
David, Daniel, and Anna had a VDay party with some homeschool friends, (22 of them!) and brought home lots of valentines and candy. I thought my kids would be the only ones with store bought valentines, since this was a homeschool party and the assumption is that we do things like homemade valentines. But to my surprise, only one person brought a handmade valentine. I love these people! Ha! 

As an aside, making homemade valentines is not my love language, but it is for some people. I appreciate their creativity, imagination, time, and effort. There are so many ways to speak love to people, let's not ever make snide remarks or think it silly when people make their own valentines, or buy gifts for "Hallmark" holidays. It's how love is spoken for them (us).

I give the kids small gifts. This year Samuel received three cans of Pringles, his fave chip right now. David & Daniel got bags of candy, and Anna got a homemade Edible  Arrangement. She has always wanted one, but oh my goodness the cost! So I made her one with strawberries, bananas, and strawberry heart shaped marshmallows. She was happy with it, but still wanted a balloon. Oh my!

 The next token giving holiday is Easter, which also happens to be Anna's 10th birthday. We're trying to decide if we're going to decorate with eggs or cupcakes!