Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Daybreak Entry

Outside My window...Cold!! We had been forecasted to have 2-4 inches of snow this week, but they changed the forecast because the snow just wasn't coming. It's just cold, like 25 degrees cold.

I am thankful for...older children. It sounds weird, but having children that are able to fix their meals, stay by themselves, and not cry when I leave the house is a blessing!

In the kitchen... We just finished a lunch of leftovers, so it's quiet now. Soon it will be 3:10, which is Anna's snack time. She's so funny about it, she chose the time herself and waits expectantly for it everyday. Supper tonight is a new recipe, Chicken pesto penne. We'll see.

I'm wearing...black yoga pants, and a long sleeve black t shirt. I took a friend and her baby to Children's hospital last night and didn't get home until 2:45 this morning, I'm proud I'm not wearing my footed pj's!

I'm going...to be working hard this week. It's Valentine's week and that's a big day for the company I work for. Thursday and Saturday I'll be traveling quite a few miles and working quite a few hours. Once again, I'm so glad the kids are older.

I'm wondering...if I'm the only one that doesn't mind this cold weather.

I'm hoping...to go on a Valentine's date with Stephen this weekend. I love that man and love to celebrate our engagement together.

Around the house...I just poured Comet in the bathtub and the whole hallway around the bathroom smells so clean. I feel like a real wife and keeper of the house! Funny how smells effect us.

A few plans for the rest of the week...cleaning out a couple of closets and buying Valentines gifts for the kids, nothing elaborate just something to show my love.