Friday, January 18, 2008

"A Puppy?"

As some of you know, I am planning the annual auction & dinner for my school. I work for a private Christian school. Many of our families are very wealthy and have expectations for this event ever year. It is my job to make sure all those expectations are met and that we raise the money we need for our Annual Fund. We plan for months to make sure the food, decor and auction items are pleasing to our audience. This auction raises money for tuition assistance which was given to 318 students this school year. The event is in 2 weeks and it is crazy times.
I have a very energetic lower school mother who has helped me get random auction items. She told me the other day that she had asked the pet store for a puppy. I said "A PUPPY!?!?" with a sheer look of horror on my face. She almost squealed with excitement and gave me a big hearty "Yes! I am so excited!!!". I think my eyes rolled up in my head as I broke out in a mild sweat. Anyway, I said a little prayer and asked the Lord to help the pet owner to not be gracious. Well, the pet man ended up feeling gracious! I have a Shiu Tsh puppy for sale. A $900 Shiu Tsh puppy. I think I may have to go take a bath in Calgon when I get home tonight. Seriously, if you only knew the full scope of it. I am laughing but I want to cry!
Also, pray for my friend Wayne (He made the Razorback sleigh for us - December post). His wife died this week and the funeral is today. He is going to need lots of prayers as he adjusts to this new life. He has cared for his wife, as she was bedridden for over seven years. She is in a much better place now, yet his adjustment will take some time.


Julie said...

You are doing a great job, keep up the good work and bid on the puppy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! And what a nice item for the auction!
Please give Wayne our sympathies.
love, Mamaw

Anonymous said...

Put a BIG BOW on that puppy and have someone carry it in like it was worth a fortune and that everyone would want it. i bet it sells real good. In fact why don't you carry it in as the finale live auction bid!!!