Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Goals - Julie

New Years Eve, Stephen, the kids and I went to a bonfire the youth group was having at some friends house. I noticed that my friends daughter-in-law wasn't there and asked why. It turns out Rebecca had not finished her goals for 2007 and she was spending her NYE making sure she could check everything off her list. I got to thinking that I had not even made a list and maybe I should have. So, I have decided to set goals for 2008 and I thought I would share some of them with ya'll, maybe if I put them here, I will feel more accountable.
I will scrapbook a years worth of pictures.
I will read 1/2 as many non-fiction books as I do fiction ones.
I will exercise.
I will work on not yelling at my children.
I will invite people to church every week.
I will visit Mamaw and Uncle David.
I will successfully potty train Anna.(If I had a list for 2007 it would have been on that one too!)
I want to find a job that I can do at home and make a little money.
OK, there is a partial list. A long one, but I feel like those goals can be met. I know they don't sound hard but to someone with very little will power, exercising, scrapbooking, and reading non-fiction can seem a little tough! LOL!Good luck on any goals you have made!



Anonymous said...

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Melissa C.