Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sealed With Love

I have the bestest mama in the whole wide world! (I guess that means Jules does too, huh?) Yesterday I had a huge box sitting on my porch from the USPS. Mama mailed me a beautiful and fun furry vest to wear to my winter gala (she wants me to be the prettiest one there). Also in the box was a scrapbook she made of my childhood. She redid the one she made when I was little into an acid free album and journaled the pages. It is most precious. I thank God for parents who love me by their actions and not just their deeds. When they buy me stuff I love it but just hearing them tell me they love me and having them spend time with me because they just want to be with me, means the world to me. I cherish saying "I love you" without reservation to my family. I hate to hear that not all people use these three precious words without reservation to their loved ones. I can't imagine how sad that must be but I would love to show them how easy it is...come meet my will learn fast!
Thanks for the fur and the pictures, always know how to make me smile!



Anonymous said...

It is easy loving and being loved by my girls. What a treasure it is. Of course I learned how to love my kids from the best--my mother and my granny. Thanks for the sweet words. I also wish others could know this kind of family love. mama

dave said...

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