Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daybook Entry

Outside our window...Its a cloudy day today. Warm enough to go without a coat, but not very pretty.

Within our walls...Today was testing day for the kids. We got up and got going early this morning, so this afternoon I'm catching up on laundry and straightening up the house. I seem to do more housework when I've been gone some of the day,

A heart of thanksgiving...So thankful for life. One of the first kindergarten students I taught died Unexpectantly last Wednesday night. I kept up with her and usually saw her once a year at church camp. She was always so friendly, and sweet. Her loss is felt by many people, she was active in college, and served at Camp Siloam for years. She knew the Lord, and is now resting in his arms.

A heart of prayer...I'vr been praying for sweet Shelby's family all week, Mike and Laurie are devastated and are feeling our prayers.

Random observations...

My silly children...Abby bought Daniel and David foam swords when we visited last week. Daniel said Stephen said they couldn't have them, but i didn't know why so I let them have them.  Now, David has a large bruise on his arm from where Daniel hit him with the sword! Now I know, Stephen might have been right. 

Thoughts from the kitchen...Last night was Aunt Janet's sweet and sour chicken, and tonight will be ball field food.

What I'm reading...I just started a book on sex written for boys. Oy Vay!

Projects...Anna and I were a bit crafty last week with my Cricut. This week, we're going to do it again,

Sounds of the moment...Friends is on the tv, and Daniel and David are playing Minecraft.

What I'm wearing...jeans, striped shirt, black tank, black shoes. 

A favorite thing from last week...Friday night I was all by myself for a few hours, oh it was bliss. But Saturday evening when all six of us were in the living room together topped that! I love my family.

On the calendar...A couple of ball games this week, and most importantly it's April. Birthday month!!!