Friday, April 4, 2014

Unexpected Fun In The Fort

I love this man!! He had to go over to Fort Smith to do an annual review on his Texas crew working in Oklahoma and had us go with him. We got to see Marmie and Melissa. Score! I took this of Randall at Stobys in Russellville. Oh, we had many laughs on that stop. 

Marmie! We got to eat lunch and supper with her, go to her work, go to her house to play and then have her come to the hotel to watch Henry swim. It was great! Love my mama. 

Henry got to swim twice and that was too much fun! He got to play with Luke for a little bit too at his house.I got to see Melissa and that is always medicine for my soul. I have no other friend on this earth like her and love that girl like crazy! I'm so glad she loves me too. She will have rubies in her crown for that, I'm certain! 

Our little family enjoying this season of life. Bloom where you are planted!