Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A couple of months ago I noticed a wart on the bottom of my right foot. And then I noticed one on the bottom of my left foot. I ignored them for a few days and then realized I needed to get rid of them.

So, because I have a medical degree I headed to Walmart. I found some Walmart brand wart remover bandaids and bought them. All I had to do was put the wart bandaid on the wart and change it every two days.

Have you ever tried to keep a bandaid on your foot for two days? It's difficult. I changed them almost daily. And the pain just got worse. 

So today I was working and knew that I had to go to a doctor. Stephen had been telling me the whole time to make an appointment so I did. For May 15!!!

Luckily, right after I made the appointment they called back and said I could come in at 1:00 today! I told the doctor I wanted them off, I didn't care how she did it, I just needed them gone! 

She put some liquid on them and told me I was good to go. And I was, until about five hours later. I am in PAIN. Oh my goodness, the fire that is in my feet! 

Oh well, I'm convinced that they will feel all better in the morning. Either that or I'll have to just cut them off.