Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors....It's cold!!! What's the deal?

Within our walls...The kids and I just finished a game of "find the most expensive thing on eBay." Oh he laughter!

A heart of thanksgiving...Thankful that we can turn the heat on, after we've turned the air conditioner on in the house. 

Random observations...I love a house decorated for the holidays. I don't love, or even slightly enjoy decorating a house for the holidays.

My silly children...Daniel and David have been making me laugh lately. Those boys together are hilarious.

Thoughts from the kitchen...For breakfast we had homemade doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar. For lunch, whatever we can find. And for supper we're having salmon and mashed potatoes.

What I'm reading...T4T, a book on church planting.

Projects...I have no projects going.

Sounds of the moment...A little chatter in the kitchen between Anna and Samuel, and the hum of the microwave. 

What I'm wearing...A pink Nantucket shirt (Samuel saw it and asked if I had been to Nantucket, yeah right!), black yoga pants, white socks.

A favorite thing from last week...Bringing out all my summer clothes from storage, and putting up (almost) all my winter ones.

On the calendar...We're going to Ft. Smith for the weekend and celebrating Anna's birthday. Fun times!!