Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bluff City Outing

Today Henry and I took a quick trip across the Mighty Mississippi to see Mama's former work friends, Grandaddy and to go to Ross Dress for Less. He was such a little trooper being in his carseat/stroller most of the day.
Seeing Grandaddy is a given when we cross the bridge. No visit is complete with out a little G'Daddy love for the Henster. He sat with us at Wendy's while I fed Henry and then he strolled Henry around Ross while I tried on a few dresses and such. He made up a song for Henry and sang it out loud in the store. The sad thing is that it did not embarrass me. I was just glad he was able to keep our little mister content and happy. Henry appreciated the paci patrol more than anything. Thanks, Grandaddy.

We got lots of love from our Aunt Babs and Sassy while on our trip to ECS today. Babs loved showing Henry off to everyone and we loved seeing Sassy for the first time since the weekend we found out Henry was a boy. It had been WAY too long. We had some good laughs on our short visit and Henry smelled like his own brand of cologne when we left after being loved on by so many good smelling people.

A few of the White House gals. I miss their sweet faces so much. For me not to have worked there any longer than I did, I sure have a heart for all the wonderful people there. Patty put her puppy down to hold Henry. I am so glad the baby beat the dog. When I walked in I was worried there would be competition. Ha. It was so nice to catch up a wee bit with everyone. I could have stayed a week and still not feel caught up.
Wayne is one of the sweetest men to walk this earth. He is a fellow Arkansan who moved across the muddy waters to the Bluff City. Not sure if you remember the incredible Razorback Christmas sleigh he made for our yard 2 Christmases ago that I posted? (If not go back to Dec 2007 and find that post. I have an infant who is fussy so I am not backtracking tonight.) I can't wait for Henry to see it next year. Henry enjoyed meeting Wayne today. He took to him quiet nicely. He knew he was a fellow Hog fan.

I worked for this sweet man during my short tenure at ECS. Everyone should get to report to a man like Rex. He is one in a million. He offered to take Henry and get him to sleep through the night for $3000. I am still pondering on it....hmmm. Anyway, Rex is also the proud papa of Alabama's #75 who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this month. Rex is the most humble man I know and would never boast about Barrett's success. I hope to be that modest when Henry wins the Heisman one day.


Kelley said...

Sounds like a fun time out today. My Dad would help me a lot with Mary-Kate too. It is so nice to have family around. Henry is so cute.

jaime said...

i think there might be a little bit of family resemblance with little henry and grandaddy! adorable!

Anonymous said...

Abby is already calling the kid a Hog fan. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to live with it. Plus, she is letting Crimson Tiders actually touch him and hold him.
I hope he didn't catch any cooties because of that.
I do love the little guy very much as I do all 5 of my grandchildren.