Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Christmas Time

Well, who knew it would be weeks until we blogged again? You'ld think we have a lot going on, or something! (I don't, Abby may)
We've been enjoying Christmas shopping, being with friends, and sitting in our living room with our Christmas tree. Delta Church had a float in the Christmas parade, and that was loads of fun. Cold, but fun! 

Anna spent the night with a friend last night. Angie, Audrey's mom, said that when Anna was decorating the candy cane cookie she said she was going to decorate it as a J for me. The preciousness of this child is too much for me!
This is Audrey, Anna, and Audrey's brother Nick. Audrey also has three brothers, no wonder she and Anna are such good friends! 
I can hardly stand Anna being gone. She is my sidekick and her not being in the house is just weird. I don't think I'll let her spend the night with anyone again. Just kidding! Maybe!

We're in the final days of Christmas preparation. We're finalizing plans, buying gifts, making goodies for neighbors, and going to read The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, and watching Christmas movies ALL the time. But we're not forgetting Jesus! We know, love, and share that Jesus came to the world at this time to be our salvation. That fact is the very foundation of our family!