Saturday, October 24, 2015

Judgement House

This time every year the church our kids attend for children and youth functions has a drama called Judgement House. It's a walking drama with several scenes that tell the story of several people and their decision to accept Christ or not. 

Many people make a life changing decision during Judgement House and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The boys have been involved in some way every year since 2012. They love being a part of something that has a lasting impact on people, and they love being with their friends!

This year, Daniel played a lead role (he did last year also), David played a Roman guard, and Samuel had a one line role. Daniel practiced his lines for weeks, he always wants to do the best job possible, and he delivers! David is the tallest of our three boys, and was an intimidating figure as a Roman guard. Samuel had a busy week with Homecoming festivities and was only able to be at JH for two nights, but his one line was a needed one.  

We've been through a lot of changes as a family the last few years, but one thing that has not changed is the love our children have for the Lord. They desire to spend time with people that love the Lord, and to learn more about Him. Don't ever underestimate children/students. When they can see evidence of God at work, they might just want to know more about Him and be a part of His work. Whenever possible make sure your children see you give God the glory and praise for what God does in your life. Whether it's a promotion at work, money for a bill that needed to be paid, or a prayer that has been answered, share it with your children so they can see God at work around them.