Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Year of Samuel

Our favorite sit-com right now is The Middle. Do you watch it? It could be based on our little family. We call Samuel and Stephen by their tv counterparts names most of the time. The daughter on the show is having The Year of Sue, Sue is her name, and that made me think that this is the Year of Samuel. 

Please don't think I'm ignoring our other three children. They are being loved on, given attention to, praised, and adored. It just happens that this is Samuel's senior year and it takes up a lot of our thought and time! 
Saturday we found out he has been accepted two colleges, Sunday he turned 18. I'm not emotionally stable enough for these things to happen so close together! I cry. A lot. 

 Wednesday night Samuel was inducted into the National Honor Society. When we first got the letter saying that he was eligible to be in the NHS, Stephen and I looked at each other and just laughed! The kid has been homeschooled for 11 years! Taught by me! I couldn't imagine that he could be honored in such a way. We were so proud. (We won't talk about the 60 pounds Stephen has lost and that those are David's pants he's wearing)

If you've been reading here anytime at all you'll know that my picture taking skills are, well, not very good. This is the picture I got of him shaking hands with the principal. I'll enter it in the fair next year! Ha!

These two. Aaron is the 3rd baseman and Samuel plays 1st, we never see these two together without hats on. His mom and I were so excited to see them both with hair we had to get a picture!

And if you know my in-laws at all, you aren't surprised that when Charlie found out around noon that this was happening at 6:00, he hopped in his car and came on down. 

So the year of Samuel has begun with a bang! He's still kicking the ball on Friday nights and was 3rd in the state for last weeks games. He's loving life! He's loving school! And he's loving Jesus! The last one is the one I'm most proud of.