Thursday, February 12, 2009


When most of us think airbrush we think of the tacky license plates you see on red neck trucks or the t-shirts you see for sale at a mall kiosk. Well, I must say I have given airbrush a new name!
I got an airbrush tan today. Yes, the lady sprayed me with the same airbrush gun they use at the kiosk in the mall. No fear. There is no "Randall loves Abby" written anywhere on my body in hot pink and purple. It is a nice little golden tan that will last about 6 days. I got it for an event I am attending on Saturday night. Without the tan I would have looked like a half burnt marshmallow in my LBD. So, airbrush it was. It stinks like crazy...almost like that tanning bed smell, sort of. I cannot bathe until tomorrow morning, that is the catch with the paint on have to let it dry real good or you defeat the purpose. I am looking forward to that shower in a.m. hours, for sure.



Jennifer said...

Good for you. I've thought about doing that. If possible post a picture so we can see your golden tan.

Anonymous said...

I've heard it all now !!!!
Way too much information !!!
Love anyway,
Yo Daddy

Posh Mommy said...

I actually was thinking tan when I read the title. Jergens and Aveeno lotions make great tans too.