Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss You Like Crazy

Sissy is my sister's look-a-like, but she is me in a nutshell.
Oh, how I love it.

I miss this sweet little face, the little giggle and the adorable little attitude.

"My Boys" rule the bonus room and staircase at my house. So cute, the sound of an elephant herd running overhead. It is truly the sound of fun and I just love it.

I miss these handsome faces, tender hearts, and great big imaginations.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE being an aunt to these sweet faces? I think I have, but I will give you a friendly reminder. I miss them a lot this week. Looking at their happy pictures from their last visit at my house makes me smile. I am so thankful God lets me love them like I do. What a blessing.

Aunt Abby


Anonymous said...

You love them unconditionally and they love their Aunt Abby the same.
They do have a blast when they go to your house. That's how it ought to be. I'm so proud of you and Julie. Keep up being great in all the both of you do.
Your Proud Father.