Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spotlight on: Daniel

Are you bored yet? Don't worry we have 2 down and 2 to go!

Daniel is the last boy. I thought he would be the last child but we'll talk about that tomorrow!
While David was being Mr. Wild Child in utero, Daniel was just laid back and chillin'. I remember a lady at church telling me that when the boys were born she didn't want to know which one had given me such a hard time and which one hadn't. She was afraid she would like one more than the other.
Isn't that funny? Like that could even happen. You can't help but love both of my D boys.
Daniel is a hoot! I remember when he was little and still in the car seat. He would make a funny face and laugh out loud. He knew he was funny! And he was. And he is. His laughter brings a smile to my face and most often makes me laugh also.
Daniel loves to cuddle with me. The other boys do too, but not to the extent that Daniel does. This boy will practically sit on my lap everytime I sit down. There is no doubt that he loves his mother (or maybe just loves the cushiness of me!)
Daniel likes to ride his scooter. Marmie gave him one last year, and he has ridden the handle bars right off of it. He can even keep up with the boys when they ride their bikes.
He is a good student, he enjoys reading and does really good in math. He is the first one in the school room each morning.
Daniel is my most compliant child. He doesn't want to do anything if he thinks someone wouldn't like it. But isn't so sensitive that he would cry if that indeed happened.
Daniel was saved last year. About 3 weeks after David was saved. His salvation was also an answer to prayer. In fact he was saved at bedtime. Which is when we would pray for his salvation. It was if God was letting us know that He had heard our prayers and He had answered them.
I always wanted three boys. I thought I would only have two children, but I never got that option! I got my three boys and I couldn't ask for a better trio of testosterone!

ps. Just one more to go!


Sisters said...

I loved talking to the Dan man tonight on the phone. I like how he said "So, you had a good trip?" What a grown up he is.