Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Boy Scout

Last night Samuel received the Arrow of Light award from his Cub Scout troop. The Arrow of Light award is the highest honor you can earn in Cub Scouts. And the only award that transfers over to Boy Scouts.

Samuel had to accomplish several goals to be able to earn this award. He had to go on a camping trip and hikes, he put together a first aid kit and learned basic first aid, he assisted on basic maintenance on our car and learned how to tie a square knot. He also had to memorize the Scout Oath, Promise, 12 points of the Scout Law, and was able to discuss the basics of all of those with his family. And that is not all, but I have chosen not to bore you with all the push-ups, charts, skits, and other activities he had to complete in order to get this award.

It was a lot of work for him (and I must say, for me as well) but he was so proud of his accomplishments last night. The Boy Scout troop was at the ceremony and after he was handed his Arrow of Light award from his Pack Leader, the Boy Scout Scoutmaster handed him his Boy Scout book and he shook hands with all the Boy Scouts. He has his first Boy Scout meeting tonight!

Moms play a huge role in Cub Scouts. All of the Packs are led by moms, and moms outnumber the dads at the meetings. But in Boy Scouts moms are not as encouraged to attend. Which is fine with me. He is going on a campout in 2 weeks. Hello! Its February! I hope he will stay warm in the tent he has to pitch by himself and eats well on the food that he cooks himself.

My little boy is growing up!



Anonymous said...

Way to go Samuel!!!

Love you,

Sisters said...

I love that face. I am most proud of him. AJL

Anonymous said...

I am most proud of Samuel. That precious face of his....hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

He is my eldest grandson, "In whom I am well pleased".
I don't doubt for a New York minute
(which is a dang fast minute) that the young man will accomplish whatever he chooses to pursue.
Way to go, Sam. You da man !!!!