Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You Lord, How Could I Ask for more

I believe we both had tears in our it!

Our Wedding Party
Tim, Sarah, Ben, Julie, Me, Randall, Melissa, Rick, Lindsey, Zach, Hollye, Caly, Samuel, Matthew

Beginning this journey together

I love that song. Our friend Paige played it on the piano and sang it at our wedding. Today I have been married to RWL for 6 years. I am so thankful God gave him to me. He keeps me level (or at least tries), loves me for who I am, reminds me of my dreams and goals when I loose sight of them, provides a wonderful life for me and makes me laugh about simple things. I could go on and on, but today those are the things I am most thankful for.

We spent the weekend with friends in north Mississippi and ate lunch with Daddy & Connie on the way home today. Tonight we will do the anniversary tradition - watch our wedding video, look through the two wedding albums, drink a fruity drink through a straw together and laugh at it all. What a full and fun 6 years it has been for us!



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Love ya,

Posh Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Green Acres said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the long lunch and fellowship. You guys were definitely put together by the Lord.