Friday, February 20, 2009

Three things

#1- I took Anna to the Dr this week, while there I mentioned to her that her ears were yucky. To that, Anna replied, " you need to get the pickles".
I said "pickles?"
she said " what you clean my ears with"
I said "q-tips?"
she said "oh! whats a pickle?"
I said "the green things that you don't like to eat"
she said "oh"

#2- Yesterday the kids and I stopped by a quick mart to pick up something to drink. I decided it was cheaper than a fast food place, and I think I was right. ANYWAY! The clerk that rang our drinks up was on her phone the whole entire time we were in the store! So, when we left, I said "guys, what do we know about people that talk on the phone like that?" I was thinking that they would say something like that isn't what you should do while you're at work or it wasn't very polite. Samuel quickly answers with "we aren't supposed to marry her!" Apparently I am spending too much time talking to them about the kind of girls they should marry.

#3- Stephen is in New Orleans for a few days doing evanglism work during Mardi Gras. He left yesterday. Last night I couldn't find the remote control for our tv anywhere. I looked and looked, I even told the kids if they found it I would give them $2.00. (Which is quite a step up from the quarter I usually offer them to find something!) They were looking everywhere.
I called Stephen and told him that I thought he had packed it. He laughed and said he didn't think so.
Since he is gone, I watch tv until the very moment my eyes close for the night. And if I wake up in the night I turn it on. I fold clothes while watching tv in my room, I iron while watching tv in my room, I lie in bed in the morning while watching tv in my room. So now you understand the great loss I feel. Because we are on satelite the remotes are not easily interchangeable. It really is a tragedy.
So, back to the story. He called late last night, telling me how much he loved me, so you know right? He has the remote. It was in between two pair of jeans. Sadly, I am the one that folded the jeans, but I'm sure I did not stick the remote in between them! I like to leave him little notes in his luggage, but I'm sure not going to leave the remote.
I'm so glad my mom is coming to spend the weekend with me. This way, I won't be so lonely since I won't be able to watch tv in my room.



Jodi said...

At least your boys now know not to marry a girl that talks on the phone so much! LOL You need to head over to radio shack and get a universal remote.

Melissa Southerland said...

Every one of these stories cracked me up!!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't hurt you to walk over to the TV and change channels manually.
We did that for years when you were growing up. That's why I'm so trim and fit. I went to the store a couple of months ago and took the remote with me instead of my cell phone. How 'bout that.
All kidding aside, We have Direct TV and our remotes work on the different TVS, I think. I will have to check with the Mrs. on that.
Have a great weekend and stay off the phone.

Sisters said...

ok, my daddy might be trim and fit (I don't know because I haven't seen him since Christmas)but it isn't because he walked to the tv to change channels. NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!
I walked to the tv to change channels, and turn the volume up or down.

Sarah said...

Oh, Jules, my heart is breaking for you! No man, TV all to yourself, and NO REMOTE! Do go to Radio Shack...the be sure to pack it in your bag on your next trip. LOL! ;)