Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Pictures- You're Welcome

A few months after Stephen and I got married I started working and we found some great friends. Most of my days went like this:
Wake up at 7:30, go to work at 8, stay until 5, go out with friends at 6, stay out till 9, go home & sleep.
Then we started having kids and by the time they went to bed at night I was too tired to do anything.

I say all that to confess that I do not clean my house. It is just a mess! I sweep, mop and dust. I make my bed, but there is clutter EVERYWHERE!!!

Yesterday I cleaned. I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, not really my knees more like my bottom. I moved the refrigerator and the stove and cleaned underneath them. It was at that moment that I was so thankful that I do not feel the need to document my life in pictures.

If I felt that need you would have been so grossed out this morning! You're welcome.

Today, I'm cleaning carpets with a carpet cleaning machine that I inherited from my in-laws. This could be a really gross day also. I won't document today in pictures either. You're welcome!

Can you relate to this????