Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A clear calendar

We are getting back to normal here in south Arkansas.

We are doing school, keeping up with laundry, cooking, eating at home, and playing games.

It is life as we know it. The best part is that there is nothing left on the calendar for this week. Well, I say that now but we know how that goes.

When I got home from Daddy's Saturday night I turned the calendar to January and looked at the first week and it was blank. BLANK! I had nothing to do the whole week. It was bliss for just a moment. Then I remembered I had scheduled a quick meeting on Monday night. So, there was something on the calendar. And then Samuel has a hurting tooth and he has an appointment today. So, there was something else on the calendar. And one of our church members died Sunday so there will be a funeral this week.

My calendar got written on, but not much. I will have time to dust, vacuum, sweep and mop, clean bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Oh, I wish my calendar was full!! Housekeeping really isn't my thing.