Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sonic- A copycat post

The Pioneer Woman has a post the other day about Sonic.

I was so excited to read it when I saw the title. I love Sonic. I've always loved Sonic. I remember goin to Sonic with my Mamaw when I was a little girl. It was spring and I thought the napkins said Happy Easter. I remember thinking how nice it was of Sonic to have Easter napkins. Mamaw told me to read more carefully. Indeed, the napkins said Happy Eating. Well, Happy Eating or Happy Easter, I like Sonic.

Here is my Top 10 list

1. Rt. 44 Coke. Oh my! I love Sonic Coke and Sonic ice

2. The fact that in some towns (not mine) Sonic is a drive thru and a drive-in. You get a choice of how you want to receive your food. Their is a Sonic in central Arkansas that has indoor seating too! Oh, the choices!

3. The Chili-Cheese Coney. There really isn't anything else to say about the wonderful goodness of the Triple C.

4. Tator Tots. The french fries at Sonic aren't consistent in their tastiness but the tots. Well, they never fail.

5. Cheddar Peppers. The best snack! Fried, hot, and cheesy. Dipped in Ranch dressing. Oh, the calories!

6. Styrofoam Cups. In the world of "going green", Sonic hasn't waivered in their commitment to styrofoam. And it makes me smile. I can get a Rt. 44 in the morning, drink it all morning and into the afternoon and it still has ice and isn't watery. And, sometimes if I'm feeling particularly attached to the cup, I wash it out and keep it for the next day.

7. Happy Hour. From 2-4 everyday drinks are half price. It makes buying a drink at any other time of day difficult.

8. Grilled Cheese sandwich. I remember the days when they served them with a pickle on top. I don't know why they don't do that anymore, maybe the price of pickles skyrocketed. I don't know. But the cheese melted on two pieces of Texas toast is yummy.

9. Chocolate Shake. I've heard rumors that I shouldn't eat the ice cream at my neighborhood Sonic. But sometimes I just NEED a chocolate shake.

10. The memories. I remember when my friend Amanda stole the red tray that they used to use to bring out the food. Remember? They would attach it to the car window. I miss those trays. I don't have anywhere to put my trash now.

Do you love Sonic? Why?



Kelley said...

We love Sonic! We have to go at least once a week. Maybe more. I love diet coke. I love sonic blasts. They have a new red velvet cake one. Delicious!

Laurie said...

You have got to get a robe. I wore my warm p.j.s under the robe. I also wore boots.

Anonymous said...

rt 44 lemon berry slush... yum


Tara said...

Not sure if your Sonic participates but, ours offers large drinks for $.99 before 11am every day! So, it's kind of like a little happy hour cheating in the morning!


Michelle (lemonadegal) said...

I am addicted to Sonic - TOTALLY ADDICTED!!