Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Croupy Cutie

This is my Croupy Cutie. Bless his little congested heart! I took him to the doctor yesterday morning after he barked like a seal all in the night. This is our third time to have it since early fall.
I really hate to hear the barking cough because I know steroids are required. Our sweet Henry gets the roid rage and becomes a little bear. I took this of him running around the dining room like a wild man. He took a great nap soon after. There is an upside, I reckon!

It is nothing Mama can't fix though. I love holding him, kissing him, and singing to him when he feels yucky. He is pretty fond of his Mama too! It makes him more clingy and there is nothing wrong with that...unless you are his Daddy and he is clinging to Mama!

So, we are making our Henry Patton comfy and nursing him back to health. He is watching lots of his Baby Einstein and Praise Baby DVDs in front of the fire and taking long naps. I do hope the Croup moves out for the winter, I am so tired of seeing it rear its ugly head. We are blessed this is all we really have to deal with, it could be something so much worse. So, I best get off here and go give my boy his morning dose of the steroid...yikes!



Amanda M. said...

Okay, he is TOOOOOO dern cute. I love the clinginess, too. :)
I do not, however, love the 'roids, either! My little girl has to take them every so often for asthma type stuff and she also gets the 'roid rage! CUHRAZY!

Kelley said...

Henry is so cute, even with croup! I hope he gets to feeling better too. Would love a Kelly's Kid catalog. Can I e-mail you my info?