Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Sister Bond

Aren't we just the cutest things?!! I took this with MY camera. And posted it here on the blog. Truly 2011 is going to be a banner year!
I was trying to decide what to write about today and remembered this cute picture and decided to blog about sisters.
While I was preparing part of supper I was thinking of Abby.

We don't get to talk ear to ear much. For reasons that are out of our control we only get to text each other most of the time. Sadly, I can go a week without hearing her cute voice on the other end of my phone. Its a good thing we get each other's text humor!!
While I was thinking of all of this, she was calling me. But since I wasn't at my desk I didn't notice that my phone was vibrating. When I saw that she called, it just made me sick that I had missed the opportunity to get to talk to her.
She called to tell me she had heard a song that I love. One Touch by Nicole C. Mullen. Have you heard it? Its on her Sharecroppers Seed cd and it is an awesome song. The song is based on the Bible story of the woman with the issue of blood. I heard her sing it at a Women of Faith event and thought that Jesus might just come for me right there, right then.
Abby said she got in her car this morning and the song was on. She said she thought of me and then had a meeting with Jesus right there in her car. She was singing loudly and raising her hands and well, having church right there on Culberhouse in Jonesboro. (Maybe she wasn't raising both hands at the same time!)

Isn't it awesome that Jesus can make Himself so real to us through a song? And that He can use that song to minister to us in such unlikely places.
And that He can put two girls in one family . Two girls that don't look alike, don't dress alike, don't act alike, but love each other fiercely. Two girls, that although grown and living apart for over 17 years now, can hear a song, worship our Jesus and think of the love we have for each other.
I'm so glad that Abby is my sister. She is loving, kind, sweet, loud, overbearing, touchy (as in likes to touch), compassionate, pushy, bold, loyal, faithful, a great aunt, gift giver, and lover of God.
Oh! And I can't finish this post without mentioning My Redeemer Lives, because really, is there a greater song? When she says "...because I spoke to Him this morning" I get tears in my eyes, and even if I'm driving, both hands go in the air.


kathy said...

what a blessing to have daughters like this. i am truly a blessed mother.

Kelley said...

That is so beautiful!

Amanda M. said...

Love this post. :)

The Family Marsico said...

My Redeemer Lives is one of my all time favs and I also love the line about speaking to Him in the morning. You can't hear or sing that song without worshiping.