Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 Years of Beavers Bliss

I am sure Julie will post about her anniversary but since she is not the photo savvy sister that I am I wanted to ensure we celebrated with some photos. I happened to have these two because they were framed in Meemaw's house and I somehow ended up with them when she went to live with Jesus 11 years ago. I dug them out last night and took photos of them with my phone. It made me smile.

Her wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was incredible. The music was like no other wedding you have ever attended. God was glorified and their love for each other was confirmed with marriage. Sweet times in my hot pink dress, for sure.

I was 15 and a happy little chub. I was starting high school 1 week after her wedding. I was in all sorts of panic about that hot pink dress and high school without my sister next door to my bedroom like she had been my whole life until the day she put on this big dress and drove off with that neighbor boy we all knew and loved. I hyperventilated several times that following week and cried in her bedroom more times than I remembered. Oh, to be the little chubby sister of this wedding queen was too much to stand. I loved her like crazy then and still now. I am still upset I was not her maid of honor but we will discuss that at another time. :)

Watching her marriage has helped me with mine. We wed 1 decade apart from each other and having them to look up to has been such a blessing. I love celebrating 20 years with them today through these fun photos. She was such a beautiful bride in 1993 and still is today!