Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's A Boy!

This is not for me, but for one of our Delta members! When we found out Clayton and Erin were pregnant having a gender reveal party popped in my head. And then when she started talking about finding out what it was, I asked if they would be up for it. They said yes! 
The theme was Tutus or Ties. Pinterest was my best friend! It stretched my creativity a bit but I'd do it again.
A friend of mine made the cake. She designed it herself and I loved it! She even made it look like stitches on the shirt. I made tutus and scrapbook paper ties for the water bottles. Strawberry lemonade for the pink side of the table and blue raspberry for the blue side. 
Erin and Clayton's parents live in Oklahoma so they skyped with us. That's Erin's parents on the laptops. Clayton's parents were on a tablet held by another friend. (That was the weirdest sentence.) I painted a box and filled it with blue balloons, when they opened it, the balloons flew out and everyone knew my secret. Oh, it was a fun secret to keep for 5 hours. I couldn't have done it for much longer though!
This is the board we all voted on. I was the only one that knew it was a boy. I thought it would be a girl, so I put a pink shirt on that morning and never changed clothes. So I voted pink. 

Congrats Erin and Clayton!! I hate I don't have a picture of them, but they were excited!