Friday, August 16, 2013

A Short Vacation

If you know anything bout me you know I love to go to Branson. Stephen doesn't like it very much but it's an easy get away for us and his parents like to go.

Since Samuel is going to be going to public school we couldn't go to the beach so we made a quick trip there and celebrated our 20th anniversary at Silver Dollar City. Not the most romantic, but fun for the family. And if there's something I've learned its that I would rather be with my family than without them. Now don't think I won't love being an empty nester but for right now, I'm loving this season of life!

At Silver Dollar City David finally rode roller coasters! It was awesome! He has been afraid of heights forever. I mean ever. And he rode all the roller coasters and one of them on the first row. When Stephen texted and told me I got tears in my eyes. He overcame a fear and did it boldly. 

Most of the time we walked around the park Anna held my hand. It was sweet. She would just put her little 9 yr old hand in mine and we walked around the park. Precious. 

We made good memories, no pictures, but memories. We ate a lot, shopped a lot, and laughed a lot. But yes, I would have rather been at the beach!

Have you gone anywhere lately?