Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Fabulous Foreclosure

With a little cleaning and updating, it will be beautiful!
I am already planning dinner parties in my head.
My Christmas tree is going in front of this window.

We have a contract on a house...finally! Now we are just waiting to close the deal in a week or two. Pray that all goes as planned. Closing on our last house was a nightmare and we wish not to have to go through that again, if possible.
We found a great deal on a 3000 square foot foreclosure in the Valley View area of Jonesboro. Rand got his shop and 1 acre yard. I got my dining room, 2 living areas, craft room and potential for a pool (above ground with a deck, of course! I am taking donations for an in ground pool if you want to contribute and gain membership to our backyard pool in the summer)
Anyway, we are both smitten with the purchase! It needs some pressurie washing and shutter updating outside, and a little yard maintenance. We will also do some floor updating and replace bathroom fixtures. We are resting up for all the cleaning and repairs that will be taking place in the next few weeks. Pray for us...we will need it!
Feel free to join us as we cut down limbs, put in new floors, clean carpets, paint shutters, install fans, doors, kitchen appliances, etc. (Are you feeling my pain, now?! Good. I am exhausted talking about it!)
It is sad to see how people trash and destroy their homes when they know the bank is about to take the house. It is a sad reality, really. I felt bad about buying someone's home that they were booted out of, but I have decided it is not my fault that they couldn't pay their bills. God wanted me to have this house and I can't be responsible for the people who lost it. The saddest thing is the bank letter on the front door and the personalized welcome mat still on the porch. It is so morbid, really. Like I said...not my burden.
Anyway, we will be cleaning up another family's mess for a while, but it is worth it...we got a deal on this place and we will make it our home for many years to come (hopefully unless God sees that we need to move again. I sure hope not. You do know that I have not slept in MY bed since May and I am neither a missionary nor a soldier! Whew, I'm so tired)!
Oh, did I mention they left their large artificial tree in the garage. You can only imagine my level of excitement as I think about having 2 trees! Mercy sakes...my creative mind is on overload. I can't wait to show you more pictures, when this house becomes our home!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty house....and I know it will be beautiful once you put on your finishing touches on it. Congrats!!


Anonymous said...

oops...that is supposed to say once you put ALL your finishing touches on it :)