Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Anna's mother (not to be confused with me, her stepmother or Becca's mother) has had twin babies. Anna is quite excited about this and is waiting for her mother to pick her up and take her to see the babies.
*UPDATE!!! Anna informed me tonight that her stepmother has died. She said the bad guys got her. She also said that "she is up in Heaven with Jesus and Jesus is going to make her well."
What a strange daughter I have. *** NOTE :to all those who may not know- all of these mothers are imaginary. I am the only mother she has.

Anna misses our 19 year old lifeguard. Out of the blue at dinner she chimes in with"I miss Trent." Trent has said that he will marry her, but I really think the 14 year age difference will be hard to overcome.

One morning this week David was getting in trouble for a bad habit he has. I looked at Daniel and said " Don't you wish David would stop that?", Daniel answered with," I pray everynight." Can I just tell you that I cried?! That was one of the sweetest things he has ever said. Simple, to the point and sweet.

Samuel still loves to cuddle with me. I remember praying when he was a toddler that he would never outgrow cuddling with me. Sometimes I don't remember that he likes it so I don't invite it. But whenever I ask him to sit by me, he jumps up with a smile on his face that melts my heart.

David pushed Samuel in the pool today. After he did it, he looked at me with such a smile of satisfaction on his face. It was so cute.

I love my church. I don't get the opportunity to tell them that much. If you are reading this and you are a member of FBC, know that I love you and am so proud to be a part of your lives and to be in town with you. My prayer is that when you think of me as the preachers wife, you also think of me as your friend.



Sisters said...

I love Sissy's imagination. Love it! Mawmaw & Mama are right...she is going to be either a novelist or a liar!