Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An email between sisters

Here is our email conversation today: pink italics are my thoughts and comments-Julie

Abby: Hey! Sorry I did not call you back last night. I cooked supper, for a change.... and then we went to shop for appliances and then went to bed at 9:00 to get up at 4:30 for Boot Camp. So, this is my story. Can I just say that after the words boot camp I stopped reading?

What are ya'll doing for your anniv? You should scan a wedding pic of you 2 for the blog post that day! See, she is so bossy!

Julie: What is boot camp? Logical question, she really isn't the kind to join the army without talking it over a bit first!

Abby: 6 week fitness boot camp

Julie: for work? Or are you adding something else to your already loaded down paper plate? You know eventually the paper plate splits in the middle and your food lands on your clothes. Point? Don't overload yourself.

Abby: You should blog that statement! again bossiness! I have a Chinet plate and it is pretty sturdy. I am fine! I am working out in the mornings at boot camp for 6 weeks... no biggie. I need it and want that for myself. It is my little alone time with myself. For those of you worried that our dear Abby may be overworked and exhausted (because she has said those words to us), don't be because she is a Chinet plate. How is it that I feel like a flimsy paper plate most of the time?!

Way to go Abby! I'm not sure what week of boot camp you are on, but I hope your drill instructor isn't like the one daddy always talked about.



Anonymous said...

you two girls are just too funny. the thought of paper plates really makes more sense of it


Anonymous said...

You should really be extremely proud of our Abby. Even with her hectic life right now, she has begun something for herself and her health. I am finishing me 4th week of boot camp and have lost probably 12 to 15 pounds and a bunch of inches. I am wearing clothes that I haven't been in for awhile. ABBY, know that I am so very proud of you and am cheering you on very loudly from the sidelines.

PS: Julie I'm not fussing at you but I do know that Abby needs our incouragement. Also Rick is paying for her first month if she goes to 3 sessions for 1 month.

Sisters said...

Woo Whooo, I guess Diana done told you what for! I love that she is so protective of my chinet plate.

Anonymous said...

I guess The Abster does have a hectic life right now.... but I would love to see my little cute, short, curly headed youngest with four kids to coral and raise. Now, let's talk hectic !

Yo Daddy