Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today is my big sister's birthday.

It is a special date, not only because she was born on this day, but this year it means HUGE sales and she LOVES sales. I find it most fitting that merchants would honor HER day with HUGE sales.

Happy Birthday to you, Julia K! I am so glad God brought her into the world 38 years ago. (Yes, she is 38. Our dear Daddy thought she was turning 40. I think he got my big 30 and her 38 screwed up a tad bit...bless his 'ole heart!)

If I had to imagine any of my 29.11 years without her, I just couldn't and wouldn't. She has truly helped mold and shape me into the young woman I am today. Because of the 8 year age difference, she has always mothered me a tad bit...and I love that about her (though, there are times I do lack the love!).

She also treats me like her best friend...and I love that even more. Our 2 birthdays make me long for, and miss birthday mornings at home. I miss jumping on her bed and singing "Happy Birthday", while lying right on her face and forcing her eyelids open, while she screamed back at me and pushed me off the bed. I know she doesn't miss that...but I do!

Jules gave me a sister to sister type daily flip calendar about 10 years ago. I still have it and use it each year. I love that the August 8th page says; "When you were born, God said, "yes!". I think that is most fitting for my sister! Happy Birthday, Conan...I love you the BIGGEST much.

Have fun in East Texas with my people!!!


ps. I had to post this for Abby and her instructions were to find a good picture of HER! Never mind that it is my birthday. So you can better believe that when her birthday comes around, I will be posting a good picture of me!!! Julie


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!!!!!


Sisters said...

Yea, and the picture you posted is NOT good of me...You failed at that, so I get a good pic of me on 9-13

Sisters said...

I thought it was a sexy looking picture of you.
Since when did you get so snarky?