Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Ya Know"

I hate 'Ya Know'.
It drives me batty.
I do use it sometimes, but not at the end of every sentence. I am around someone who does this all day long and it is like fingernails going down a chalkboard to my ears.

Yikes. My question: Do you end the sentence with a question mark or an exclamation mark, when using 'ya know' at the end of your sentence?

Examples: 'I saw my grandson last night, ya know' ( I didn't know, but I am so glad you told me)
'I got some Triscuits at Big Lots for us, ya know' ( no, I didn't know and I am not eating expired & broken Triscuits!)
'The phone needs to stop ringing, ya know' ( yes, I agree... and this is a case that 'ya know' does not drive me as insane as the others)
'I wore my white pants again today because it is almost over for the year, ya know' ( Yes, I know about the Memorial to Labor day rule and I am so glad you are wearing the same pants all week long. Delightful.)
'Do you like this bracelet, ya know' ( Ok, Stop! How do I answer a double question?! Calgon.)

I feel better now. I hope you got a little laugh out of this and agree that 'ya know' is verbal garbage!



Anonymous said...

I do believe this is the most interesting blog that you have sent. I will think on it for a while and see how i feel about ya know!

Anonymous said...


This has nothing to do with the "Ya Know" post. But I have have a very serious question for you. How do you style your curls and what products do you use.

I just got a perm and it was curlier than I expected and now it is driving me crazy. Please help with some advice on how to control the curls.

By the way, I love your and Julie's blog. I read daily with anticipation. Definitely keeps me laughing.

Thanks in advance!

across the border in Okie land., Ya Know!

Sisters said...

Mel/Theta sis...so good to know you read the blog! Cute hair...I am visualizing it and I like it! I use Curl enhancement mousse....so you may not want that :) and I use Aussie Sprunch Spray...Lots of Aussie, it makes it big and stiff. I hope this helps! I don't know how to relax curls, but maybe somebody reading this does and will comment back and help you!
Email me...I lost your email addy!