Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Award Goes To....

Thanks to our friend and fellow blogger, Mandy for giving me the Brillante Weblog award for posting about my move and journey to find the right job! You are a peach.

Here are my Brillante Weblog candidates:

Michael - Here is your award for being a good stay at home Dad these past few days and for always providing me a good laugh with your blog posts.

Emily - I extend this award to you for your ability to stay firmly rooted in the Lord as you ride the adoption wave and for writing about your journey, so beautifully.

Lindsey - This award is for your incredible photo blog, your amazing talent, creativity and for being one of the biggest cheerleaders in life.

Award winners, take your award and pass it on to your brillante blogging friends.



Michael said...

I.. I... I... uhhh, am speechless. I'd like to thank my family, friends, and most of all Abby for being one of 5 people who read my blog. Thank you.