Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Week

This is my birthday week!

I love birthdays. I love the balloons, streamers, cake, gifts, attention and cards.

Until I was 23 I never knew anyone that shared my birthday. (Except for Michael Douglas and Dustin Hoffman, but I don't really know them.) My friend Shelia, in Leachville, shares my birthday. I couldn't think of anyone better to share my birthday with than her.

Tomorrow, Cindy, my best friend since I was 15, is coming to visit. She and her husband have 2 boys. One is a few months younger than D&D and the other one is a few months older than Anna. They love to play together so we should have so much fun while they are here.
This visit is Cindy's birthday present to me. I'm so exicted, what a great gift

So, Happy Birthday to me and who ever may have 08/08/08 as your birthday this year!!!


Anonymous said...

I know its your birthday week and I'm excited for you. My 40th was special for me with you and Ab putting the black baloons, etc. in the yard and I know 40 years will be special for you friday.
Uh, Jules, if you are going to teach english to my grandchildren would you please work on your verbs. You said, "she and her husband 'has' two boys. That should be "have", my dear. I know you're in southern Arkansas but..come on !
Love you loads,
Yo Daddy

Anonymous said...

oh my aren't going to be 40!!!!