Thursday, August 14, 2008

15 Years Ago Today...

Their journey began.
Stephen FINALLY got my sister to marry him! It was such a fun day. I remember dancing, crying and laughing in her bedroom to this awesome 'weddingish'/Julie specific mixed tape Daddy had made at the radio station (Yes, this was before the age of the CD), the morning of her wedding. All 4 of us were together for one last time in our nuclear family unit. It is a very special memory of mine and I am sure it is to her as well.

Jules was a beautiful bride....just beautiful! Stephen was a very handsome groom and he even sang to her at the alter. That was super cool. I think we all cried.

She moved away on Aug 14, 1993 to begin her new life with Stephen and the two of them could not have been happier about life....and now it is 15 years later and they are still just as happy! The past 15 years have been adventurous for them. They have lived in lots of places and done lots of fun & crazy things.

Yet, their greatest accomplishment is the Fab Four! I am so glad God brought you two together 15 years ago so I could have a brother....but mostly, so I could be an aunt to these 4 sweet faces!

Happy Anniversary, Sis!


ps. I was supposed to put 2 pictures in this post for Abby, but for some reason it is impossible to do today. So, because Abby will yell at me and let me know how I have failed, I wanted everyone to know that I tried. Julie