Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving on Up and Rooting for Gas

Well, we are moving out of our apartment tonight. We will clean it and turn in the key tomorrow. I am so ready to have all my things in one place. It will take me a small forever to find everything and give it a home. I dread that process.
I actually dread moving furniture tonight with my husband. It is never a pretty thing. I wish we had guy friends or guy family members that lived here to do this for me. I am a wimp and cry when things are too heavy. I dread the deep freezer already...I am sweating thinking about it. I am so ready to not move anything for a long time! Next time, I will have a strong male friend to take my heavy end of the freezer.

Gas. We need gas. We wondered why there was no hot water and figured a breaker was off or the worst....the water heater was out. Well after much inspection we realized that little Abby forgot to turn the gas on! Genius. So, they are suppose to give us service today so we can bathe and wash paint brushes the right way and all that good stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend!