Monday, August 18, 2008

Overwhelmed Home Renovators

God love my Rand!
Well, the work has begun! The house is ours and we are working fast to make it a home. Randall and I were both so overwhelmed when we closed on Friday by all the work that needs to be done, that we didn't know where to begin. We worked until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday morning, we got a few hours of sleep, and then were back at the house by 7:00 Saturday morning and worked until it was time to go dress for the Red Dress Gala. We were so tired.

She is the only one I know that can peel wallpaper with a smile!

Sunday brought much help and hope. We had family come help us!
We only have a few family members close by and we were beginning to wonder where they were....and Molly and Ben came through for us. Much love to you two for the help and the glimmer of hope you provided us yesterday! Coming with tools, help and a smile meant more to us than you will ever know! The moral support and just being able to show this new home to our loved ones, did wonders for our spirits. We got a lot done yesterday because or your kind help and we are MOST excited about having the carpet cleaned today. ( I hope it will smell like a clean home!)
Tonight we will tackle ceiling fans and bathrooms.
Pray for us. We need it! More updates to come.