Monday, August 25, 2008


I have tried, and tried, and tried to post a walking video tour of Abby's new house. I have tried to post it directly to blogger which is where we blog and I have even tried to post it to youtube, but my internet connection is just too slow. It gives up too soon. I'm truly sorry. I have every intention of figuring out a way to get it to you.

The house is really pretty. It is on a cul-de-sac (a long one). It sits back off the road a bit and has trees in the yard that add to its charm. The dark green front door at this moment has a hideous gold doorknocker on it (but I'm sure it will soon be replaced with a lovely silver one with a cross on it.) When the door opens you can see through the foyer, into the kitchen and on into the den. The kitchen, I hear, is being painted a delightful yellow that will look lovely with the granite counter tops. The den has a brick fireplace done in the neatest design, and makes the room look very homey and comfy. To the left of the foyer is the living room and it is really neat, with tres ceilings unlike any I've seen before, a fireplace and shelving on each side that is really beautiful and neatly lit. Down the hall are the bedrooms and bathrooms. They are good sized bedrooms and the bathrooms are in repair mode. But I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I know Abby is so thankful to Molly for coming again to help scrape wallpaper and paint. You know, Molly and I decided to fix Abby and Randall up while she and I were painting a bathroom. The neatest things can happen in bathrooms ( I was saved in the bathtub, but that is a story for another time!)

I will try my hardest to get a video posted so ya'll can see the house. Continue to keep them in your prayers, they still have work to do before it is party-ready. And I can hardly wait for that first party! I'll be buying new duds for it!


ps. Abby wore a pink shirt today to a Comprehensive Breast Health Seminar. OH MY GOODNESS! She has been eaten alive by Sandra Lee. Her boss pegged her though. She knew that she wore pink on purpose. Abby is always the life of the party, even if that party is a boob seminar!