Thursday, August 21, 2008

A man of many names

Yesterday would have been our Grandfather's birthday. I called him Peepaw or Peep and Jules just simply called him, Granddaddy. He was the best.

He was a Southern Baptist preacher for over 50 years and loved serving the Lord. His three granddaughters were the apples of his eye. I was the baby in the family, and opened his eyes to a lot. I made him sit through many lip sinc performances and made him play with my dolls. I loved pulling ear lobes when I was little, and his ears were my very favorite! He loved taking pictures of the family, when the Polaroid was all the rage (Can I just tell you about the Polaroid picture collection. wow!)

He was a gentle man with a strong spirit and I loved spending my summers with him and I always cherished Christmas time with him. He died when I was in the 9th grade and it was one of the saddest days of my life. He left without any goodbyes and that has always made me a bit sad. God knew best though, and my last memory of him was us laughing together. I always rest in knowing that he is in Heaven waiting to show me around and take some more pictures of me singing Tina Turner style with his Heavenly camera!

Abby always writes so much better than me, but I wanted to say that I loved this man. He always made me feel like I was the most special girl around. He loved me and made sure I knew it. At times he was my defender and my support system and that meant the world to me. Hollye lived closer to him and I know that she would echo our words about him. He was a GREAT grandfather, granddaddy, peepaw and peeps.



Anonymous said...

You were the most special girl around in his were Hollye and Abby. Like he told his preacher friends...Y'all were the three grandsons he never had ! ha !
Thanks for being so special to him, Jules. He did become your guardian angel in so many ways.

Love you,
Yo Daddy