Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Miss the days of the pool

I mean really!
I long for the days when we would eat lunch, get our swimsuits on and head to the pool.

Oh! How wonderful those days were. The sun would bake into my skin coloring it a deep dark brown. My children would play in the pool without assistance from me. I could be their mother, yet still soak up the sun's rays, read a book and drink a Sonic Route 44. Oh, those were the days and I want them back!

You see, since the pool closed, school has started. School at home. We do school in the morning, which leaves our afternoons free. FREE!!!!! Free to clean, to make messes, to discipline, to act like heathen children that have never seen the indoors before. Where did these children come from? They look like my children, but seriously, they act as if they have lived outdoors all of their lives. They run, yell, throw, play ball, stand on chairs(and break them-OH MY!). All I do all day is get on to them. Does anyone feel my pain?

I think about how restful my day would be if they were in public school. And then I remember the year they were in school and how my days were calm and quiet, but when they came home, it was WILD! No different from now, except that all the wildness was put into 4 hours as opposed to spread out throughout the day.

I'm sorry to be burdening you with all of my sufferings, but I have to tell someone, and this blog is at times like a therapist. So should I pay ya'll for reading this? Oh please no, then I would have to go on and on about my lack of money. Lets just call it even. I blog, you read, you can comment, and we both feel better.

At least I hope we do!


ps. I really am going to get the video of Abby's house on here. Really!


Green Acres said...

Oh boy! Do I feel your pain! I thought I was reading my own words there for a minute. You must call me, and we can get together one afternoon and share the chaos!